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Faculty Ethics Assessment Committee – Humanities

Document templates

Document templates

Informed consent is a crucial component of ethically responsible research involving humans, which is why the FEtC-H standardised the documents concerned at relevant points.

In principle, all research with human subjects needs to be assessed by either of the two chambers of the Faculty Ethics Assessment Committee Humanities (FEtC-H). Exceptions are studies that are conducted in an educational context, but sometimes even these need to be assessed by the FEtC-H before the research commences. For more information, see the brochure.

For staff

For any research that needs to be assessed, you are required to use the information letter which conforms to one of the templates, adapted for your study, along with an associated declaration of consent.

You may find these documents on the FEtC-H intranet page.

For students

  • If your  research needs to be assessed (see brochure), you will need to request your supervisor to provide you with the documents concerned.
  • If your research does not need to be assessed, you may use these documents. You may also have a look at these documents to get an impression of what is required.