Faculty Ethics Assessment Committee – Humanities

Informed consent

Document templates

Informed consent is a crucial component of ethically responsible research.

The FEtC-H has standardised the documents for informed consent at relevant points.

  • For staff

For any research that needs to be assessed, you are required to use the information letter which conforms to one of the templates, adapted for your study, along with an associated declaration of consent.

You may find these documents on the FEtC-H intranet page.

  • For students

A student checklist (‘Human-subject research’) is available for students who conduct research with people (so-called ‘research with human subjects’). Discuss this checklist with your supervisor.

You can use these documents as an example to adequately inform your participants and to request permission or object in the correct way.

Assessment by the FEtC-H can only take place in exceptional cases, after consultation between your supervisor and the FEtC-H.

If you have to have your research assessed by the FEtC-H, you may only use the documents that are available on the intranet. You can ask your supervisor to provide you with these documents.

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