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Faculty Ethics Assessment Committee – Humanities

Procedure in brief

In order to make the testing procedure as streamlined as possible for both the researchers and the committee, the FEtC-H works with a web portal, a special digital environment where the study can be registered. When a new study is registered through the FEtC-H portal, the researcher specifies all ethically relevant aspects of the planned study using a list of questions, and documents required for informed consent (information letter and associated declaration of consent) are submitted to the FEtC-H as digital attachments; templates for these documents are available elsewhere on this website.

Registrations of new studies are screened during submission through the FEtC-H portal and assigned to one of three categories which determine their subsequent treatment and duration of the process, resulting in a binding decision by the committee (see this flowchart for an overview). For further information surrounding the registration, associated concepts and the decisions procedure, please refer to the regulations.

Brochures explaining the FEtC-H procedures are available for