Faculty Ethics Assessment Committee – Humanities

Procedure in brief

  • Research with human subjects

All research with human subjects has to be assessed by one of the two chambers of the Faculty Ethics Assessment Committee for the Humanities (FEtC-H).

The FEtC-H works with a web portal, a special digital environment where the study can be registered.

Registrations of new studies are screened during submission through the FEtC-H portal and assigned to one of three categories which determine their subsequent treatment and duration of the process, resulting in a binding decision by the committee (see this flowchart for an overview). For further information surrounding the registration, associated concepts and the decisions procedure, please refer to the regulations.

  • GDPR and privacy

For advice, background information and contact details of the privacy officer, click here.

  • Data management

For advice, background information and contact details of the data manager, click here.

  • Templates

Templates for the informed consent documents are available here.


  • Research with human subjects by students

A student checklist (‘Human-subject research’) is available for students who want to conduct research with human subjects; discuss this checklist with your supervisor. Only in exceptional cases, after the supervisor has consulted the FEtC-H, can research with human subjects by students be assessed by the FEtC-H.

For teachers supervising students, information is available on the intranet.