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Faculty Ethics Assessment Committee – Humanities

Procedure in brief

In principle, all research with human subjects needs to be assessed by either of the two chambers of the Faculty Ethics Assessment Committee Humanities (FEtC-H).

Exceptions are studies that are conducted in an educational context, but sometimes even these need to be assessed by the FEtC-H before the research commences.

Brochures explaining the FEtC-H procedures are available for

The FEtC-H works with a web portal, a special digital environment where the study can be registered.

The researcher specifies all ethically relevant aspects of the planned study using a list of questions, and also submits documents required for informed consent (information letter and associated declaration of consent).

Reading through these instructions and guidelines on the GDPR and on drafting the informed consent documents may result in obtaining approval more quickly.

  1. Brief instructions on Ethics and GDPR (version 1.0)
  2. A brief roadmap on Informed Consent (version 1.0)
  3. Guidelines on Informed Consent (version 1.1)

Templates for the informed consent documents are available here.

Registrations of new studies are screened during submission through the FEtC-H portal and assigned to one of three categories which determine their subsequent treatment and duration of the process, resulting in a binding decision by the committee (see this flowchart for an overview). For further information surrounding the registration, associated concepts and the decisions procedure, please refer to the regulations.