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Ethics and GDPR: the privacy of your participants

Three documents regarding GDPR and informed consent have recently been published and updated on the  FEtC-H website: Brief instructions on Ethics and GDPR (version 1.0, Dec 2021) A brief roadmap on Informed Consent (version 1.0, Dec 2021) Guidelines on Informed Consent (version 1.1, Nov 2021) In line with these documents, new sample templates have been…

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Data management plans: optional for assessment, but recommended to submit

According to the policy of the Faculty of Humanities, drawing up a data management plan (DMP) for your research has been obligatory since 1 January 2021. The FEtC-H does not assess DMPs, but composing a DMP helps researchers in thinking about: exactly what data to collect; how to process these data; where to store them;…

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Summer recess FEtC-H 2021

Due to the summer recess (until 1 September) and the holidays of members of the FEtC-H, it may not be possible to assess new or revised applications during July and August. If assessment is possible, it may take longer than normal. Also, responses to e-mails (fetc-gw@uu.nl) may be delayed.

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Workshop handling personal data

Do you wish to learn more about handling personal data (which you collect in almost all research with human subjects), then register for the online workshop ‘Handling Personal Data’, 16 June 2020. For more information please visit https://www.uu.nl/en/events/handling-personal-data-in-research-3.

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New templates informed consent documents

You will now also find information on the Faculty Ethics Assessment Committee Humanities (FEtC-H) on intranet under ‘Research, Rules and legislation’. To simplify applications and thus speed up the process, this intranet page now also contains new templates for the informed consent documents. The text of these documents now complies with the GDPR (AVG). For…

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