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Faculty Ethics Assessment Committee – Humanities


Ethics and GDPR: the privacy of your participants

Three documents regarding GDPR and informed consent have recently been published and updated on the  FEtC-H website:

  1. Brief instructions on Ethics and GDPR (version 1.0, Dec 2021)
  2. A brief roadmap on Informed Consent (version 1.0, Dec 2021)
  3. Guidelines on Informed Consent (version 1.1, Nov 2021)

In line with these documents, new sample templates have been composed, which you may find on the FEtC-H intranet page. The documents are grouped per ‘school’, ‘lab’, ‘online research’ and ‘research elsewhere (e.g. field work)’, but a complete set of information letters and declarations of consent is given as well.

For questions regarding privacy, please contact privacy.gw@uu.nl.